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Quitting Smoking May Improve Your Mental Health, Too

Researchers analyzed data from 4,800 daily smokers in the United States who took part in two surveys conducted three years apart. Those who had an addiction or other mental health problems in the first survey were less likely to have those issues in the second survey if they’d quit smoking, the investigators said. The first survey found that 40 percent of the participants had mood or anxiety disorders or a history of these conditions, 50 percent had alcohol problems and 24 percent had drug...

5 Exercises to Get You Ready for a 5K

1. Side Sit-Up Lie on one side with both legs extended and raised slightly off the floor. The side of the upper torso in contact with the floor should lie relaxed on the floor. Place the hand of the bottom arm on the floor to the front so that the arm is perpendicular to the body. Place the hand of the top arm lightly on the back of the head. (Do not pull on the head or neck during the exercise.) Slowly raise the torso, contracting the abdominal muscles on the top side of the trunk and...

Fewer Heart Patients Now Dying From Heart Disease

People with heart disease are now more likely to die from cancer, lung disease and neurological causes than from heart problems, compared with 20 years ago. That’s the finding of a new Mayo Clinic study that tracked about 20,000 patients who underwent procedures to open blocked heart arteries between 1991 and 2008. The patients were divided into three time periods: 1991 to 1996; 1997 to 2002; and 2003 to 2008. During the entire study period, nearly 7,000 of the patients died. Heart...

5 Tips for Tackling a Truly Fun Run

Enjoy the moment In the typical road race, participants tend to get wrapped up in things like race pace and personal records. In these not-so-serious events, the goal shifts from speed to simply having fun. “Most of these events are untimed, so you can take your time, play in that mud pit, stay a couple extra moments in the foam zone to take pics with your friends, and just enjoy the journey,” says Lauren Jones, the marketing director for Drenched 5K, in which runners get doused with water...

Too Much, Too Little Sleep Can Increase Risk of Depression

Inappropriate amounts of sleep may activate depression-related genes, researchers report in the Feb. 1 issue of the journal Sleep. One study included more than 1,700 adult twins. Among those who got normal amounts of sleep (seven to nearly nine hours a night), the genetic influence on symptoms of depression was 27 percent versus 53 percent for those who slept only five hours a night, and 49 percent among those who slept 10 hours a night. “Both short and excessively long sleep durations...

Could Low-Fat Yogurt Help Ward Off Diabetes?

According to the results, eating yogurt could reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 28 percent, compared to not eating any yogurt. Additionally, eating some other fermented dairy products, such as low-fat cheeses, could cut the risk by 24 percent. “What our study shows is that yogurt should be part of a healthy diet,” said lead researcher Dr. Nita Forouhi, group leader of the nutritional epidemiology program at the Medical Research Council at the University of Cambridge. Although...
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5 Signs You’re Taking Your Diet Too Far

While this post is certainly not meant to diagnose anyone, here are five indications that your healthy efforts may have morphed into detrimental patterns. You’ve become scale-obsessed I actually believe it’s perfectly okay—and for some people, even healthier—not to weigh themselves. (Find out why in my previous post 5 Reasons Why You Can Skip the Scale.) But if you do, treat weighing in as a simple reality check to help you understand your body’s patterns and to see if you’re...
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4 Foods That Help You Get Pregnant

Thinking about having a baby in the near future? Research suggests there’s a link between what we eat and how hard it might be to get pregnant. Here are the items that could up your odds: Olive oil Women in one study who ate high levels of monounsaturated fat (comprising about 25% of their daily calories) were about four times as likely to give birth via IVF as those who ate the least. Tofu Having a high intake of animal protein led to a 39% greater likelihood of infertility in a 2008...